Windows Themes

A Windows Theme is a collection of wallpapers, icons and sounds which is used to customize appearance of computers running Windows Operating Systems. Themes also known as themepacks were initially added to Windows 7 and continue as primary source of customization for Microsoft’s OS. There are wide variety of themes available on ExpoThemes across various categories likes games, movies, celebrities, etc. Each theme is distinct in itself based on games, movies, characters, etc. To account for various screen sizes, we have HD theme which has 1920x1080 pixels wallpapers, 4K with 3840x2160 pixels wallpapers and 8K with 7680x4320 pixels wallpapers. All themes are available for free downloads and supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Download Windows Themes?

Browse through our collection of 1000+ themes spread over various categories or you can search with specific keyword with our theme search engine. Once you find the themepack you are looking for, head over to its details and scroll down for download button. Select the dimensions best suited for your screen resolution and click on download button to start download.

How to Install Windows Themes?

Installing a Windows Theme is quite simple, first download the required theme from our library. You’ll get a file ending with .themepack or .deskthemepack extension. Usually, you will not see this extension because Windows hides extension for known file types. Worry not, it does not matter. Locate this file in download folder and double click it or do right click and open. That’s it, it will install the Windows theme with all its wallpapers and icons.

How to Install Windows 10 Theme in Windows 7?

All Windows Themes are forward compatible, i.e. you can install Windows 7 Theme on Windows 10 or 11. But to install Windows 10 or 11 theme on Windows 7, you’ll have to change its extension from .deskthemepack to .themepack. Once done, open the theme and it will install on Windows 7.

How to extract wallpapers from Windows Themes?

To extract wallpapers and icons from Windows Themes, use WinRAR software, you can download it from here. Open WinRAR and extract the theme, it will give you DesktopBackground folder which contains all the wallpapers from the themepack.