Stream Theme

The water flowing in stream has its splendid beauty. Stream Theme for Windows 10 & 100 captures this beauty with 50 HD and 4K wallpapers of popular streams captured from around the world.

Streams are known by many names like Brook, River, Creek, Distributary, Tributary and Runnel. At its essence the water flows with or without intervention of humans. When precipitation falls onto the ground, some water trickles into groundwater, but much of it flows downhill across the surface as runoff and collects into streams. The Stream is well suited for people who like nature greenery and streams. It has 50 4K wallpapers for large monitors.

Stream HD Theme

Dimension: HD (1920x1080)
Wallpapers: 50
Icons: Not Available
Size: 26 MB
Stream 4K Theme

Dimension: 4K (3840x2160)
Wallpapers: 50
Icons: Not Available
Size: 92 MB

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