Halo Spartan Assault Theme for Windows 10 & 11

Customize Windows with latest Halo wallpapers with Halo Spartan Assault Theme. It contain HD wallpapers from Halo Spartan Assault game, custom logon screens, icons and more

Halo series games is always been the most famous games on Xbox 360 console. But this time Microsoft decides to make different story with its latest game, Halo Spartan Assault, which will release only for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating system. The game is coming this July and is suppose to utilize touch based features of Windows 8. It seems Microsoft is dedicating this game to Windows 8 users.

Halo Spartan Assault is sequel of Halo 3 which takes place before the event of Halo 4. The event takes place between 2553 and 2557, years before Halo 4 event. It follows the early Spartan Ops' missions against the Covenant alien species and gives more background to the human-Covenant conflict. Stationed on the UNSC Infinity, game-play is through the perspective of either Commander Sarah Palmer or Spartan Davis.

Even though the game represent as core part of Halo series, if fails to create much anticipation among Halo community. May be because of lack of Xbox version. But still its coming for Windows and its good news for us. So well before the game is launched we bring you Halo Spartan Assault Theme packed with wallpapers and artworks from the game.

Theme contains 7 HD images based on Halo Spartan Assault game including artwork along with 3 logon images for Windows 7. Theme also has on Halo icon for My computer and the same icon as User Account Picture. Check out below screenshot with logon screen for Windows 7 and User Account Picture.

Tags: Halo
Halo Spartan Assault HD Theme

Dimension: HD (1920x1080)
Wallpapers: 10
Icons: Not Available
Size: 2 MB

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