Gwent The Witcher Card Game Theme for Windows 10 & Windows 11

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a free-to-play digital collectible card game of choices and consequences, where skill, not luck, is your greatest weapon.

Gwent is a turn-based card game between two players that can last two to three rounds. Players play one card each turn from a hand of 10 cards, chosen from a deck of 25. Each deck belongs to one of six factions that offer different play styles. In contrast to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's variation of Gwent, the Siege row is removed, leaving two rows where cards can be played: the Melee and Ranged rows.

Gwent The Witcher Card Game Windows Theme offers an effortless way to enhance your desktop's looks with beautiful 30+ High-Definition wallpapers. Deploying this lightweight themepack on your computer can be accomplished with minimum efforts since you only need to double-click the corresponding downloaded package file. The theme is automatically made available on your system and applied as your current one so that you can enjoy it without having to modify any parameters. You can access or change it quickly by right-clicking anywhere on your desktop, choosing the Personalize option and selecting your favorite entry under the Theme section. Gwent The Witcher Card Game Windows Theme can be installed only on computers running Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Tags: Witcher
Gwent: The Witcher Card Game HD Theme

Dimension: HD (1920x1080)
Wallpapers: 31
Icons: Not Available
Size: 7 MB

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