Kabali Theme

Bring Rajinikanth wallpaper to your desktop with Kabali movie theme. It comes with 5+ wallpapers, Rajani icons for Windows

Kabali Theme Icons

Kabali is a South Indian action movie featuring Rajinikanth as lead. The movie is one masterpiece of South India breaking most of the box office records in India and overseas. Well we have brought this Windows theme for such Rajinikanth fans to enjoy Kabali on their computers.

Story reads as Rajinikanth spends 25 years of his life in jail after being falsely accused of starting a massacre that killed many including his family, when he returns, he is in for a surprise, which is gradually revealed to the audience. Why was he locked up in a Malaysian jail for such a long period of time is shown in the flashback.

The rest of the film deals with what Rajini does to get back his lost life and how he achieves his prime task, for which he was jailed all these while. How he fights to save his world and help the downtrodden Tamilians in Malaysia forms the crux of Kabali.

While there are some negative critics the movie stands to its expectation. And for a hardcore Rajini fans, this is must download theme. It consist of 5 HD wallpapers, icons, user account picture and lock screens. It supports all version of Windows 7 and above.

Kabali HD Theme

Dimension: HD (1920x1080)
Wallpapers: 4
Icons: 1
Size: 2 MB

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