Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Theme for Windows 10 & 11

Dumbledore and Harry Potter learn more about Voldemort's past and his rise to power. Meanwhile, Harry stumbles upon an old potions textbook belonging to a person calling himself the Half-Blood Prince.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Theme Icons

Lord Voldemort tightens his grip on the wizarding and Muggle worlds: his Death Eaters kidnap Garrick Ollivander, and destroy the Millennium Bridge. When Lucius Malfoy is sent to Azkaban, Voldemort chooses Draco to carry out a secret mission at Hogwarts. Draco's mother Narcissa and aunt Bellatrix Lestrange seek out Severus Snape, who claims to be a mole within the Order of the Phoenix. Snape makes an Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa to protect Draco and fulfil his assignment if he fails.

Harry Potter accompanies Albus Dumbledore to persuade former Potions professor Horace Slughorn to return to Hogwarts. At the Burrow, Harry reunites with his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. They visit Fred and George Weasley's new joke shop in Diagon Alley and see Draco enter Knockturn Alley with a group of Death Eaters, including Fenrir Greyback. Harry believes Voldemort has made Draco a Death Eater, but Ron and Hermione are sceptical. On the Hogwarts Express, Harry hides in the Slytherin carriage using his Invisibility Cloak, but is spotted and petrified by Malfoy, before being saved by Luna Lovegood with her Spectrespecs.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince HD Theme

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