Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Theme for Windows 10 & 11

Batman v Superman Theme is an collection of awesome Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman Wallpapers from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Theme movie to customize Windows desktop

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Theme Icons

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is an upcoming Hollywood superhero film featuring both Superman and Batman. Both characters are from DC comics. DC Comic is trying to do same Marvel did with its cinematic universe. The movie has generated log of buzz on internet and so it is one of the most awaited movie of this year.

The movie is loosely based on comics and expected to have many twists from comic story line. It would form a sequel to Man of Steel: Superman movie which featured superman alone. The story of the movie is well discussed on internet this days. After the destruction in Man of Steel which left Bruce Wayne shattered, he goes back to become one world calls him “Batman". You would see Batman who stopped his activity 20 years ago but still holds Gotham city at its heart. The event of Suicide Squad is rumored to be related to Batman, specially because of appearance of Robin statue without head. The destruction caused by the fight between general Zod and Superman compels him to take his job of caped crusader back. He believes Superman possesses immeasurable power and should be kept in check. If not he can obliterate entire human race if decides to. In his quest to upper-hand superman, and unknown enemy rises, powerful than both, for which they have to fight together.

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie might be the beginning of DC’s cinematic universe, lot like Marvel’s Avengers. Appearance of Batman in Suicide Squad trailer confirm both movies have stories which tangles up. There is also Wonder Woman in the film which seems to be neutral. No matter who wins between Batman and Superman’s fight, they have come together at last.

I am a big fan of Batman, and surely most of you would be. Use this Batman v Superman Theme to give new look to your desktop. Theme consist of 27 High Resolution wallpapers, 3 custom made icons and one User Picture. Download and install now and bring cool look to your desktop just like below screenshots.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice HD Theme

Dimension: HD (1920x1080)
Wallpapers: 27
Icons: 3
Size: 8 MB
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice 4K Theme

Dimension: 4K (3840x2160)
Wallpapers: 8
Icons: 3
Size: 10 MB

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